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FP Travel Abroad - Japan 2023
Bokenka Summer Camp


FP Japan is ready to welcome us next summer!  If your child is looking for their next big adventure, this is it.  Our Summer Camp in Japan is an opportunity to practice traveling skills, go exploring, make your own decisions and problem solve in a safe and supportive environment. Bokenka means Adventurers, so get ready to explore!  We will return as empowered, inspired bokenka. 

As part of our Travel Abroad Program, kids will learn to to budget their allowance, practice Japanese, enjoy cultural differences, explore Japanese nature, homestay with a Japanese family and more. 

Who is up for this amazing experience ?

Bokenka Summer Camp Schedule

16 Days (scroll down for details) 

6/12 Departing SFO

6/13 Arriving in Japan → Homestay 

6/14 Homestay with FPJ family 

6/15 Homestay with FPJ family 

6/16 Homestay with FPJ family 

6/17 Adventure Camp with FPJ group 

6/18 Adventure Camp with FPJ group 

6/19 Choose your Adventure Day

6/20 FP USA Adventure 

6/21 FP USA Adventure 

6/22 FP USA Adventure 

6/23 Choose your Adventure Day

6/24 FP Community camp 

6/25 FP Community camp 

6/26 FP USA Reflection Day 

6/27 Departing Narita and Arriving in SFO


• Bokenka Summer Camp Fees*:  $2000 

• Airplane ticket: ~$2000

*Summer Camp Fees are for all participants: staff and students

Who is eligible to join:

• Any Feelosopher who is currently enrolled in an FP program, or who has traveled domestically with FP in the past.

What each family needs to arrange :

 • Airplane ticket (ANA SFO to Narita.  Confirm details with Erin before purchasing)

• Travel/Health Insurance (Please make sure that your kids are insured overseas)


Details for Bokenka Summer Camp in Japan:


Join the adventure as our FPUS group goes to Japan!  From June 12-27, 2023, Erin and Hiro will be leading this amazing summer opportunity to connect the FPUS and FPJ communities.  The experience will include:

A series of pre-trip planning sessions

To get ready for this experience, we'll meet throughout the start of the year to prepare.  We'll learn about how/what to pack, make plans to earn/budget spending money, learn Japanese language and culture, and reach out to our FPJ hosts to introduce ourselves.

A homestay with an FPJ family

Each student will be hosted by an FPJ family for a unique homestay experience.  A home away from home, you'll get the chance to share in the life of a Japanese family.  This is an opportunity to learn new customs, try new food, exploring Japanese markets and shop and cook traditional Japanese meals which we don't get to see here in the U.S.  Most importantly, it is an opportunity to make new friends.   

Adventure Camp with FPJ

Joining with the FPJ explorer group (7FPJ students), FPUS students will be going camping/mountain climbing. FP students will learn skills to stay safe on outside adventures. Also, this will be the time for FPJ and FPUS students to camp together.  Priceless! 


On this FPUS trip, we will work with Hiroshi to craft an experience for just our group.  Taking place halfway through our 2-week trip, this will also be an opportunity to check in as a group, reflect on how the first week went, and set goals for our final days in Japan.

Choose Your Adventure Days

We'll have two Choose Your Adventure days during our trip, where kids will travel in pairs to visit the places they want to explore in the Tokyo area.  Erin and Hiro will work with them to create a plan for the day, and talk through what to do when you don't know what to do.  FPJ students will be available to buddy up with us if necessary.  Japan is a safe place for kids to practice their independence!

FP Community Camp

We will be having the Annual FP PE competition at the FP Community camp. There will be a lot of games and activities we will enjoy as a whole FP community during this camping trip. 

Reflection Time

Before we return home, our reflection day helps students internalize their experience and prepare for our return to the US. 

Don't miss this amazing experience with amazing people! 

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