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2020 Feelosophers Project

Welcome to the "2020 Feelosophers Project" page!


We are launching the 2020 Feelosophers Project!!!!


Why we do this? 

We want you to share your amazingness with the rest of the world.


Why the number 2020?

We have amazing community to raise kids in both U.S. and Japan. We would like to acknowledge and celebrate Tokyo Olympics in Japan and celebrate the comunity around the world.


Who is a Feelosopher?

Well, everyone can be a Feelosopher and have a Feelosopher moment. A Feelosopher is someone who positively connects with oneself, others and the world. A Feelosopher momenet is when you tap into your feelings and acknowlege how you felt. 


We will have a prize !!!


Prize  "I am a Feelosopher" T-shirts. We would like to give away 20 T-shirts


We will draw the prize winners next 4 years. 

First draw: 2017 May

Second draw: 2018 May 

Thirs draw: 2019 May

Forth draw: 2020 May


This is how you enter. 


1. Go on your adventure!

Adventure does not have to be out in nature. You can have an adventure academically or emotionally. Enjoy you, others and the world around you. 


2. Capture the moment!

You can ackknowlede how you felt by thinking about your adventure, share the stories with your friends and faimilies. 


3. Fill out the "2020 Feelosophers Project" form and you are one of 2020 Feelosophers and you may win the prize! 



Q. How do I know I won?

A. Erin and I will announce the winners on the website on May 2017.


Q. Can we choose the T-shirt size ?

A. Yes, we will ask your size before we send out. 


Q. Do you share my story?

A. Yes, we would like to share your amazing stories with rest of the world. 


Q. How many times can I send my stories? 

A. You can send as many as you want. It will increase odd for your winning !


Q. Is there any age limit? 

A. Anyone can enter. If your kids are entering this, it is a great opportunities for you to talk about their adventures. 


Q. I am not so outdoor person, What can I do?

A. When people hear the word "adventure," many people think about outdoor adventure. However, Adventure can be anything and happening anywhere. Trying new food can be very adventrous for some people. So, you can define adventure. 


If you have any other question, please feel free to send us an email.


Erin and Hiroshi




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