Due to safety issues surrounding the current outbreak of COVID-19, FP Adventure Program is currently suspended for the 2020-2021 year.  This decision was driven by our commitment to the safety of our communities.  We hope that everyone can find ways to build a little FP into their lives, and that we will be back together again soon, sharing our souvenir stories.  


The adventure continues, Hiroshi and Erin

FP Adventure Program

Are you up for an adventure?

Are you up for an adventure?

Do you remember the feelings your child came home with after spending a week at FP Summer Camp?  They felt connected. Empowered.  Inspired.  They built strong friendships and discovered new abilities.  They felt the joy that comes with accomplishment.  


When you enroll your child in the FP Adventure Program, you give them a year's worth of those powerful feelings.  Imagine how that will impact their studies...their choices...their relationships.


FP Adventure Program is an opportunity to explore.  It's an opportunity to know yourself and to navigate the world around you.  It's reading topo maps and planning camping trips with friends. It's making decisions and solving problems. It's shopping for supplies and sticking to budgets. It's finding growth at the edge of your comfort zone.


The FP Adventure Program includes:

- Powerful mentor relationships for your child

- A positive community to call their own

- 8 weekend adventures (2 day trips, 6 overnights)

- Parental support via emails or cafe meetings.


Tuition: $2200

($200 Discount if purchased with FP AfterSchool.  Use coupon code: FPDUO)

Scholarships and monthly payment plans available


2019-2020 Dates:

October 5/6

November 2/3

December 7

January 18/19

February 22/23

March 28

April 25/26

May 30/31  (Year End FP Retreat)