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Erin Leydig Stallings, Co-Founder
Erin Leydig Stallings is a passionate educator. Graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology, Erin went on to become a founding teacher at Odyssey Middle School. While at Odyssey, she earned a 2005 Best Educator Award, and completed her Masters in Secondary Education. Specializing in science and math education for gifted kids, she has spent her first career inspiring young scientists and encouraging kids to become self-advocates. At Odyssey, Erin created the Stepping Stones program - a course designed to teach kids study skills, time management and organization. An avid traveler, Erin spent two years exploring and teaching science in Costa Rica. She is now enjoying her second and third careers: mentoring the next generation of Feelosophers and raising her two boys, Henry and Linus!

Hiroshi Imase, Co-Founder
Hiroshi Imase is a feelosopher. He awakens excellence in people, allowing them to pursue their amazing journey so that they can obtain exciting adventure stories ( He calls them "souvenir stories"). Hiroshi grew up in Japan and moved to San Francisco. He lived in the USA for 20 years. He worked 10 years at Odyssey School, a middle school for gifted kids. He specialized in EQ education for gifted middle school students. Feelosopher's Path Japan continue to 

create an amazing community to challenge and support Japanese students to thrive. Also, Feelosopher's path runs 

Annual gifted educational conference and monthly meeting to advocate for gifted kids and parents in Japan. 

He loves to travel and meet with new people. His capturing the moments:


Current Afterschool, Adventure and Summer Camp Staff
Once a Feelosopher, always a Feelosopher!  Our current staff members are all former campers who are committed to passing on the culture of FP to the next generation.  They come with compassion, energy and a passion for making our campers feel welcome and celebrated.  Our FP Leadership Program helps campers transition to this leadership role, where they
 work as part of a group to design and deliver unique and inspiring camp experiences.  The leadership program includes mentoring, opportunities for reflection and growth, and a focus on developing your individual leadership style. Come Join Our Team! 

Anandini Wadera, Founding Feelosopher and Board of Directors 
Anandini graduated from UCLA with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, with a pre-med background. Anandini works for a health technology software company, where she designs the product with a  team and engages people in their health needs/health community. As an Odyssey Middle School alum, she is honored to be part of Feelosopher’s Path. Anandini hopes to advocate for growth and respect in the creative realm, education and change in the way women and men see themselves, body confidence and deep self-analysis. She loves to write short fiction, exercise and read. With her passion for knowledge and thirst to inspire, she hopes to contribute to each Feelosopher’s experience and learn from each of them in doing so.​

Sam Bertken, Founding Feelosopher and Board of Directors
Sam Bertken is an artist and feelosopher.  He received his Bachelor of Arts from Kalamazoo College in Theatre Arts and Japanese and is also an alumnus of Odyssey Middle School, where he was a student of Erin and Hiroshi.  As a high school student, Sam pursued his passion for art by performing in musical revues, Shakespeare adaptations and acting as a photography tutor for a SPARK Apprentice.  Continuing his passion for the stage in his college years, Sam also continued his work serving local youth, devising personal adaptations of Othello with students at the Kalamazoo County Intensive Learning Center (an educational program for young offenders).  Joining Feelosopher's Path in the summer of 2012, Sam seeks to share his passion for positive collaboration to not only help young students succeed academically, but to become emotionally intelligent, confident, compassionate members of society.  Sam loves performing improv, writing & drawing comics and making others laugh.​

Liz, Founding Feelosopher and Board of Directors
Liz is a feelosopher. She loves learning about different cultures and trying new things, and is interested in writing music, playing piano, and drawing. In her free time, she likes to volunteer. She strongly believes that the more effort you put into something, the more you get out of it. At Feelosopher's Path, she wants to help kids learn valuable life skills through Stepping Stones and Circle of Feelosophers. She also wants to encourage kids to work hard, try their best, and learn as much as they can from every experience.

Brianne, Founding Feelosopher and Board of Directors
The fun and excitement of school can easily be buried under stress over homework, friends and tests. The Stepping Stones Program helps me to navigate school through time management and study techniques. The Circle of Feelosopher's Program reminds me that school, and life, can be fun and interesting. Thanks to these programs I find it much easier to ask a teacher for help or to call an adult on the phone. I also have mechanisms to help me to relax and to enjoy all the ups and downs of life. Social and study skills are extremely important parts of growing up and of being human.​

Manon Fisher, Founding Feelosopher and Board of Directors
Manon Fisher is an environmental and social advocate. She graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Management and two minors; one in City and Regional Planning and the other in Sustainable Environments. While in college Manon was a lead instructor for the non-profit Environmental Education for the Next Generation where she cultivated her passion for teaching and promoting environmental literacy in youth. She was also a dancer for Variable Velocity, a modern dance company in San Luis Obispo, where she discovered the strength in understanding the interplay between thought and emotion, intelligence and intuition. Manon strives to share her experiences and insight, both as an Odyssey graduate, and as a Feelosopher, with the young students at Feelosopher’s Path. On her free time, Manon loves to travel, cook, climb mountains, and learn.​

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