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Why you need Feelosopher's Path Education 

FP education can be adopted by any gifted school, progressive schools, emotional intelligence classes, homeschool, after-school programs, summer camps, homes and more. It is because FP education was made by the teachers who truly understood gifted kids who needed individual challenges and a safe place to awaken their academic and emotional excellence. FP education also helps to create an amazing school culture and its tradition. Now, American educational system faces numerous challenges such as decreasing the level of academics, bullying, authentic experience in classroom and more.  FP education has many answers to the problems our educational system has. FP education is the progressive and holistic education which prepare kids for their exciting and amazing life.  

Awakening kids' academic and emotional excellence - Progressive education

Kids will take 3 risks (Educational Risk, Emotional Risk, Physical Risk) to expand their comfort zones so that they continue to challenge to reach their own potential. Their brains will be sweating. Their heart will be sweating and their body will be seating. Our curriculum is integrated throughout the subjects. We encourage kids to make connections what they do in class and what's happening outside the classroom. Our classes are hands on and project base experiential learning. They challenge kids's creative thinking, critical thinking and connective thinking. Throughout the process, kids learn how to work in a pair or a group. We take Multiple Intelligence and Learning Differences into consideration. Our curriculum is in adventure and journey style so that kids can perform what they learn in action! 

Be an advocate for yourself, and others and the world - Emotional Intelligence 

Being A Feelosopher

​Feelosophers find their passions to pursue in their life. They choose their path of their life based on their passions, not just their academics. They learn to connect positively with themselves and others and the world to to fulfill their own exciting purposes. They will pass on their passions and their talents to the next generation.

Kids will be working toward to be an advocate for themselve, and others and the world! Utilizing their Emotional Intelligence, Kids learn how to make positive connection with themselves and others. They will learn to pay more attention to their feelings and learn how they can use as a power tool for interactions. kids will be more self-confident. Kids will be more self-accepted, and kids will raise their self-esteem. Kids will share not only their concerns and problems to solve their own issues, but also their happy moments with their friends. "Share the joy twice the joy, share the pain, a half the pain"

Awakening kids' academic and emotional excellence - Progressive education

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