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Just walked into Feelosophers Path and I continue to be impressed .. one student in the living room getting instruction from Hiro via FaceTime, another student at the patio table with Erin, and my son reading to another tutor on the picnic blanket .. just cool - thank you for bringing your vision to life!!

Thank you for taking my kid in a little early yesterday --- we saw the sign on the door and she was glad to be able to enter early --- it was nice to see your bright smile while letting her in --- thank you also for giving her time to work on her Spanish translation --- she had a week to do it but left it for yesterday (doez this sound like any other teenagerz that you have encountered in your teaching career...) --- we sat with her last night after dinner with a PC dictionary and completed the task by around 9:45PM --- we would never have completed the assignment if she hadn't have gotten a head-start at FP --- thank YOU for this!

I have not had a chance to stop by and chat with you but I wanted you to know that I am really happy that she is attending your program. She clearly has developed new skills and new wonderful behavior... she is more helpful at home, she is open to trying all sorts of food (she had never wanted to have salads or hummus ... before) and she always reports that she has had such a great time during class. So thank you for playing such an important role in her life.... as you did in her sister's life...

She had a great time yesterday!  I'd love for her to come once a week on Thursdays. 

I am really excited.  I'm hoping this will work out to be a wonderful long term community for my daughter.

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