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We are taking a break from Fall Camp!  

We'll let you know when it is back on the schedule.

FP Fall Camp 2017

The Details:

Date: 10/16 - 10/19 (3 nights and 4 days)

Price: $500

Destination: Big Basin Redwoods State Park 

Limited to 10 kids 


Planned Activities:

Mindful zazen time, Cooking Japanese camp food, Reflection space, Making Baumkuchen to learn about treebark, Making edible nature, Leading backpacking skills: purifying water, setting up tents, organizing a backpack, Overnight trek to Sunset campsite (10 mile roundtrip hike), Bird calling, and more!


Day 1: Big Basin Redwoods Sate Park 

Leave San Mateo@8:30


Day 2: Sunset Campsite 

Hike to Sunset Campsite (5 miles)


Day 3: Big Basin Campsite

Back to Big Baisn (5 miles)


Day 4: Big Basin Redwoods Sate Park  

Back to San Mateo@4:00

Thanks for camping with us!

We all want our kids to have great experiences, so we spend a lot of time looking for new activities for them. However, we should spend just as much time helping them reflect on those amazing experiences. Experiences without reflection are just events. Experiences with reflection lead to celebration, self confidence and an improved self awareness.   At FP Fall Camp, kids will experience the power of their reflections.


Reconnect with the ground and the sky; your heart and your community.  Get your backpack on!  Go climb a waterfall.  Build a campfire.  Walk in nature. 


If you are looking for passionate mentors for your child, give them this chance to spend a week with two amazing educators who have made it their life's mission to awaken kids' excellence.  Hiroshi and Erin will take your child on an empowering journey.


Experience.  Reflect.  Repeat.  The adventure continues...

What makes FP camps so unique?


Being part of a community • Japan-USA cultural exchange • Kids playing a role in creating their own adventures • Positive mentoring from passionate staff • Safe challenges that expand comfort zones • Opportunities for reflection • Taking time to celebrate • Remembering to be in the moment •Scholarships that keep our doors open to all • 

Making positive connections with others

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