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FP Summer Camp 2015

Thank you to all our FP Investigators & FP Adventurers!  

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What makes FP camps unique?


Japan-USA cultural exchange • Kids playing a role in creating their own adventures • Positive mentoring from passionate staff • Safe challenges that expand comfort zones • Opportunities for reflection • Taking time to celebrate • Remembering to be in the moment • Making positive connections with others •

Being part of a community


                    Overview of Feelosopher's Path Summer Camps 2015


FP Investigators: July 13, 2015 - July 17, 2015

Do you like to solve mysteries?  Look for clues?  Collect evidence?  Come join FP Investigator to learn the skills you need to solve a mystery. Learn CSI skills, practice critical thinking, expand your imagination and enjoy collaboration!  Then, you will become an FPI agent!  Teaching travel skills, innovation, exploration, community, self-awareness, and independence, FP Investigator Summer Camp is not to be missed!


Planned Activities:  Making Your Own CSI Kit, Feelosophers101,

Scavenger Hunts, Group Challenges, Documenting a Mock

Crime Scene, Profile Sketching, Collecting Finger Prints, Examining 

Evidence, Interviewing Witnesses, Making Your Own Metal Detector, 

Ink Chromatography, Solving a Final Mystery Challenge and more! 




FP Adventurers: July 20, 2015 - July 24, 2015 


How do you go on an adventure?  At FP, we believe life should be full of adventures. So, during FP Adventurer, you will learn to design your own adventure, turning any trip into an opportunity to connect with yourself, others and the world.  We will start by exploring our local community and expand out from there, ultimately playing out a grand overnight adventure camping on Angel Island.  Teaching travel skills, innovation, exploration, community, self-awareness, and independence, FP Adventurer Summer Camp is not to be missed!


Planned Activities:

Feelosophers101, Scavenger Hunts, Group Challenges,

Angel Island Camping, Trecking, Nature Games, Campfire,

Navigating the City, Capturing the Moment, Sketching, Journaling,

Creative Ways to Reflect on the Camp Experience, Celebration!

(Added bonus: You will learn amazing camp cooking skills:

bamboo rice cooking, baumkuhen, roasted apple and more!)






Both FP Investigator and FP Adventurer will exercise these 5 essential skills to be mindful change makers:

1. Shift Perspective: See challenges as learning opportunities.
2. Find Teachable Moments: Recognize when it's your turn to teach, and when it's your turn to learn.
3. Connect Positively with the World: Be in the moment and enjoy what the world has to offer.
4. Connect Positively with Yourself and Others: Be proud of what makes you unique and find positive connection with others.
5. Celebrate: Capture the moment and take time enjoy your successes.

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