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FP Summer Camp 2017

Thank you to all our Giant Puppet Performers and Mad Scientists!

What makes FP summer camps so unique?


Being part of a community • Japan-USA cultural exchange • Kids playing a role in creating their own adventures • 

Positive mentoring from passionate staff • Safe challenges that expand comfort zones • Opportunities for reflection •

Taking time to celebrate • Remembering to be in the moment • Scholarships that keep our doors open to all •

Making positive connections with others


Overview of Feelosopher's Path Summer Camps 2017


FP Giant Puppet Performers: July 10 - July 14, 2017- $525

Think big.  Now think bigger!  At FP Giant Puppet Performers, we will use imagination and collaboration to create larger-than-life-size puppets, and friends in the process!  What voice do you want to share with the world?  We’ll work from scratch to dream up, design and build puppets that amplify your voice in a final parade through downtown San Mateo.  If you love creating, then FP Giant Puppet Performers is the summer camp for you!


Location: Based in San Mateo (with day trips around Bay Area)

Grades: K-8 (Limited to 20 participants)

Schedule: 8:30am-3:00pm, M-F

Planned Activities:  

Group Games, Challenges and Feelosophers 101

Making your own Sit-Upon

Discovering the Art of Storytelling 

Finding and sharing your "Voice" 

Navigating Public Transit and Map Reading

Making Giant Puppets with your Teammates

Visiting Famous Landmarks around the Bay Area to learn 

about Puppets and Performing 


FP Mad Scientists: July 17 - July 21, 2017 - $625


Have you ever felt limited by your age?  What if instead of using age as a limit,  your experiences were only bounded by your curiosity and willingness to try?  This summer at FP Mad Scientists, we will let your curiosity be our guide to experiment with all kinds of fun things.  Glow slime? Yes.  Dry ice rockets? Check. Building Frankenstein? Who knows!  The only limit will be your imagination.  Come camping with FP and explore the outdoors with a scientific perspective.  We’ll get our hands dirty and learn by doing.  Come join us!


Location: San Mateo/Angel Island

Grades: 1-8 (Limited to 20 participants) 


Day 1: San Mateo 8:30am-3pm

Day 2: Camping (Overnight)

Day 3: Camping (Overnight)

Day 4: Travel back to San Mateo (4pm)

Day 5: San Mateo (8:30am-3:00pm)

Planned Activities:

Scavenger Hunts, Group Challenges and Feelosophers 101, PVC Paper Rocket Launcher, Disgusting Science, Magic Science, Messy Science, Science experiments regarding mind, heart and body, Camping out at Angel Island, Campfires and S'mores (of course!) Added bonus: You will learn amazing camp cooking skills!















FP Leadership Program: July 10-14 ($300) and July 17 - July 21 ($400)


Available for incoming 8th graders and older, who have previously been a participant in an FP program, the

FP Leadership Program gives your child the opportunity to transition from camper to counselor.  They will work 

as part of a group to design and deliver unique and inspiring camp experiences.  These young adults will enjoy 

participating in our summer camps while also taking on the roles and responsibilities of a junior counselor.  

The program includes mentoring, opportunities for reflection and growth, and a focus on developing your

individual leadership style.  The fee to participate as a junior counselor is $300 for Week 1 and $400 for Week 2.

Come Join Us! 



Both FP Giant Puppets and FP Mad Scientists will exercise these 5 essential skills to be mindful change makers:

1. Shift Perspective: See challenges as learning opportunities.
2. Find Teachable Moments: Recognize when it's your turn to teach, and when it's your turn to learn.
3. Connect Positively with the World: Be in the moment and enjoy what the world has to offer.
4. Connect Positively with Yourself and Others: Be proud of what makes you unique and find positive connection with others.
5. Celebrate: Capture the moment and take time enjoy your successes.​

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