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FP Summer Camp 2016

What makes FP summer camps so unique?


Being part of a community • Japan-USA cultural exchange • Kids playing a role in creating their own adventures • Positive mentoring from passionate staff • Safe challenges that expand comfort zones • Opportunities for reflection • Taking time to celebrate • Remembering to be in the moment •

Making positive connections with others


Overview of Feelosopher's Path Summer Camps 2016


FP Treasure Hunters: July 11 - July 15, 2016 - $525

Do you like to explore? Solve puzzles? Hunt for hidden treasure? Have fun outside with friends?  Then come join FP Treasure Hunters for a week full of summer camp fun and adventure.  We'll join in the world's largest treasure hunt - geocaching! - and explore our imaginations while we get to know our local city.   Make your own geocache and let it be found by world travelers so that your treasures will travel the world.  Teaching innovation, exploration, community, self-awareness, independence and collaboration, FP Treasure Hunters is not to be missed!


Planned Activities:  

Scavenger Hunts, group games and challenges

Puzzles, riddles and story telling

Learning about gps and geocaching

Navigating public transit and map reading 

Making your own camoflaged geocache and hiding it!

Visiting famous ladmarks around the Bay Area 


What is geocaching? 

"Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location." -



FP Naturalists: July 18 - July 22, 2016 - $625


Let's unwrap the world around you. At FP, we believe in wandering through nature to find new adventures. So, during FP Naturalists, you will learn to design your own nature adventures, turning any trip into an opportunity to connect with yourself, others and the world around you. We will start by exploring our local community and expand out from there, ending with a grand, two-night camping adventure.  Teaching travel skills, innovation, exploration, community, self-awareness, and independence, FP Naturalists Summer Camp is not to be missed!


Planned Activities:

Scavenger Hunts, group challenges and Feelosophers 101

Learning more about native plants/animals

Navigating the city

Camping out at Samuel P. Taylor State Park 

Campfires and Smores (of course!)

Nature Games and activities 

Planting your wisdom seeds


(Added bonus: You will learn amazing camp cooking skills: bamboo rice cooking, baumkuhen, roasted apple and more!)


NEW THIS YEAR! FP Leadership Program: July 11-15 ($300) and July 18 - July 22 ($400)


Available for graduating 8th graders and older, the FP Leadership Program gives your child the opportunity to work

as part of a group to design and deliver unique and inspiring camp experiences.  These young adults will enjoy 

participating in our summer camps while also taking on the roles and responsibilities of a junior counselor.  The

program includes mentoring, opportunities for reflection and growth, and a focus on developing your individual

leadership style.  The fee to participate as a junior counselor is $300 for Week 1 and $400 for Week 2.



See Past Years:


Both FP Treasure Hunters and FP Naturalists will exercise these 5 essential skills to be mindful change makers:

1. Shift Perspective: See challenges as learning opportunities.
2. Find Teachable Moments: Recognize when it's your turn to teach, and when it's your turn to learn.
3. Connect Positively with the World: Be in the moment and enjoy what the world has to offer.
4. Connect Positively with Yourself and Others: Be proud of what makes you unique and find positive connection with others.
5. Celebrate: Capture the moment and take time enjoy your successes.​

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