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FP Summer Camp 2023
Thank you to all our FP Summer Campers - See you soon!

What makes our summer camps unique?


Being part of building a community • Japan-USA cultural exchange • Kids playing a role in creating their own adventures • 

Positive mentoring from passionate staff • Safe challenges that expand comfort zones • Opportunities for reflection •

Taking time to celebrate • Remembering to be in the moment • Scholarships that keep our doors open to all •

Making positive connections with others


FP Summer Camp 2023


①FP Superheroes:  July 10-14, 2023 ($625)

Grab your cape and get ready for adventure!  Come be a part of the most powerful team of the summer - the FP Superheroes!  Costumes, courage and creativity will combine as we work together to develop our superhero skills.  Once we are ready for action, we will head out into the world to turn lemons into lemonade.  If you are ready to discover your inner superhero, add your super power to our team!

Location:  Based in San Mateo 

                    (with day trips around the Bay Area)

Grades:     Entering 1-7

Schedule: 9:00am-3:30pm, M-F 

Planned Activities:

Team Building Games  and Feelosophy 101, Costume Making

and Superhero Training, Superhero Scavenger Hunt around SM, 

Bean Bag Attack and Spidey-Sense Challenge, Finding and

Sharing Your Unique Superpower, Navigating Public Transit

and Reading Maps, Exploring the Bay Area with New Friends, 

A Final Battle: Superheroes vs Supervillans!

②FP Wayfinders: July 17-21, 2023 (with 4 overnights)($775)
It’s time to tap in to your inner explorer!  Join our annual camping extravaganza as we pack our bags and head out under the stars.  FP Wayfinders is an opportunity to remember the direction you are headed, be empowered by independence, and find inspiration in new experiences.  A chance for unstructured time in nature, creating community in the process.  Of course, no FP campout would be complete without FP Cafe, Magic Shop, and you! 


Location: Campsite TBD - stay tuned! 

Grades: Entering grades 2-7 

Schedule:  Leaving Monday (9a) from San Mateo; 

                     Returning Friday (3p) to San Mateo

Planned Activities:

Team building and Feelosophy 101

Hiking adventures and Learning bushcraft techniques

Building your camping skills toolkit

Creating campfires and roasting s'mores

FP Cafe and Magic Shop

Added bonus: Learn amazing camp cooking skills!



③FP Leadership Program: July 10-14 ($525) and July 17-21 ($675)

Available to incoming 8th graders (and beyond!), who have previously participated in

an FP program, the FP Leadership Program gives your child the opportunity to

transition from camper to counselor.  They will work as part of a group to design and

deliver unique and inspiring camp experiences.  These young adults get to participate

in our summer camps while also taking on the roles and responsibilities of a junior

counselor.  The program includes mentoring, opportunities for reflection and growth,

and a focus on developing your individual leadership style. Come Join Our Team! 


All FP Summer Campers practice these 5 skills essential to becoming mindful change makers:

1. Shift Perspective: See challenges as learning opportunities.
2. Find Teachable Moments: Sometimes you are the learner, sometimes you are the teacher.

3. Connect Positively with the World: Be in the moment and enjoy what the world has to offer.
4. Connect Positively with Yourself and Others: Be proud of what makes you unique and find positive connection with others.
5. Celebrate: Capture the moment and take time enjoy your successes.​

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